About Bulldog Firearms

Hi, I’m Andrew Davis and I started Bulldog Firearms. I have been involved with firearms my entire life. Some of my earliest memories are with my family shooting and hunting. I’ve also had the opportunity to hunt much of the big game in America and Africa. Since then, I’ve involved myself in competitive shooting through USPSA and IDPA.    

In August of 2008 Bulldog Firearms opened it’s doors.  It wasn’t Bulldog then, it was AC Firearms.  We felt that the name AC Firearms was awfully generic and when people started coming by the shop just to see our English Bulldog Bella, we thought she would be the perfect mascot and changed the name in 2012 to Bulldog Firearms.  

I wanted to create a business that would make gun stores a more friendly place for everyone.  A gun store is a place where you should be greeted with smiles and by a staff who are both knowledgeable and eager to help.  

Not only do we believe you will be impressed by our customer service and knowledge, but also by our honesty and transparency.  We invite you to come by and experience our excellence firsthand.  We want to take your money, but we want to take it honestly and make sure the purchase you are making is right for YOU.  Maybe you don’t believe us?  Please come by and find out for yourself. 

We will match and beat any competitor online or otherwise with a verifiable quote.

*We must be able to verify the validity of the quote.  The item must be in stock and shipping and transfer fees must be accounted for online purchases.