Firearms Transfers

We will gladly accept transfers from other FFL dealers and individuals*. There is a transfer fee of $35.00 per firearm and $10.00 per additional firearm on the same 4473.

To transfer a firearm to us, first purchase the firearm, then, call us at (505) 994-9243 and let us know where to fax or email our FFL. When the firearm arrives to our shop, we will call you come and fill out the necessary paperwork which is why you are paying a transfer fee.

Let us know if you have any additional questions!

* To receive a firearm from an individual, it is our policy to require a color photocopy of the senders driver’s license enlarged 200% and one corresponding document with matching name and address. For example, a telephone bill or utility bill. If if illegible, we must decline transfer.

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